How i started Youtube

Around three years ago a friend of mine began uploading YouTube videos. My initial thought process was that i wanted to upload videos also and be part of a community online, so that is when i began my YouTube career. I remember asking my mother for money to get a recorder so i could capture game play on my TV and upload it. Eventually i got the recorder and began uploading. Although at this time i knew little to nothing about editing videos and photos i began experimenting in Sony Vegas and Photoshop. At first i was not good at it naturally because it was new to me but then i discovered the power of tutorials online. They taught me how to do everything from making text to rendering thevideo in 1080p.


Eventually i would come to make full walkthroughs of the games i played and began getting some views. My first big game that i actually began playing was a Naruto game. Oddly enough i found the very community i was looking for and even began making friends and other associates online. Through those people i was able to learn more things about YouTube and video editing. Eventually hitting around 100 videos i got partnered on YouTube. Getting partnered means i was able to receive money off of the views my videos received. At this time i was still kind of new to the idea of relieving money off of the internet but eventually got my first check. Soon after actually getting my first check i began to upload more and more. One time uploading to me became so serious that even skipped school to upload more videos.


My first full game uploaded one YouTube was Saints Row an open world sandbox game. A the time i remember uploading more of the game than actually playing it. During the whole process i was not even sure it would get any views since this was a completely different genre than the Naruto community i was part of. Eventually all my work payed off with the walk though being some of my most viewed videos.The last part of the game in particular got nearly half a million views so at this time i was ecstatic. After that walk through i immediately began “another one” to quote the famous DJ Khaled.t7xx33cjpgb0byrjojnx

So i began a Grand Theft Auto 5 walk through uploading around like 25 to 30 videos with the whole thing then gaining thousands a views. Once again i was pretty excited and kept one uploading game after game. Eventually i had been gaining a lot of views without even uploading a video anymore. So around the time that i had been taking a partial break from uploading so often i began to just play games without uploading anymore. As i said before i was remember uploading more than playing and that began to effect my favorite hobby. Instead of playing for my own enjoyment i was playing for others enjoyment. So since then i have uploaded a video every now and then but am still on a break. Eventually i may return to sleepless nights of uploading and editing but for now i just want to enjoy my favorite pastime and focus on other things in my life.

If you want to check out my YouTube channel click on this link:



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