Photoshop Fairytale

The most difficult part about creating the Fairy tale pictures were finding images of the correct things. Finding a pile of cartoon sticks is not exactly something many people would find easy. The three pigs from the start i already knew i was going to make them porky the pig variations but the houses were a little difficult too.


I wanted to find three houses that had the same art style but i could not find any. Everything really i wanted to have the same art stlye but doing that would require me to actually draw everything and i am no artist. The wolf was actually pretty easy to find since it apparently came from an old cartoon from Disney if a am correct. All of the pictures that i did were just all made in Photoshop. Just due to location and accessibility i used CS6 in the beginning but switched to CC. Although majorly the same i am more acquainted with CC. Adobe spark page seems really simple to me. Although i only just used it for the story i could definitely see a lot of uses to it otherwise. Maybe even making something such as a small book or something could be made in page.


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