Adobe Spark video

Creating the adobe spark video was a fun assignment because i love video editing. The website obviously had a lot of limitations but was still good enough to create something simple.Usually i am used to a program like Sony Vegas but this was still a good editing program. Since i did not really have many ideas on food at the time the first thing i could think of was Chinese food. I live near 4 restaurants so i figured why not and just looked up a menu. I’m not going to lie i did not think Chinese food was the best topic to choose but i do not know much about the process of cooking an actual dish. The video it self was pretty easy to make except finding certain pictures but it was a smooth process. I would say though that speaking was actually the most difficult part due to time constraints on the website and me stuttering a little. For some reason i could not explain some of the slides correctly which led to like 10 takes before i actually got my commentary correct. For some reason towards the end of completing the assignment though the audio began cutting out on the website. I was not my microphone but that was the only technical difficulty i had with it though.

Adobe Food Process


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